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Title: A study of greater sciatic notch as an indicator of sex determination of adult human hip bone
Category: Original Article
Abstract: Background: Sex determination from bone is very useful for anatomy, forensic and anthropology personnel. Hip bone is most commonly used bone for sex identification.
Aims: Present study was carried out to assess the efficacy of greater sciatic notch to determine sex.
Material & Methods: Study sample consisted of 108 adult human hip bones (27 male and female, each of both side) obtained from Anatomy department, P.D.U. Medical College, Rajkot, Gujarat. Present study focused on two indices of greater sciatic notch. Index1 = (maximum breadth of greater sciatic notch/maximum depth of greater sciatic notch)*100 and Index2= (length of posterior segment of maximum breadth of greater sciatic notch /maximum breadth of greater sciatic notch)*100.
Results: Index 1 identified correct sex in 51.85% of right male, 44.44% of right female, 44.44% of left male and 48.14% of left female bones. While index 2 identified correct sex in 70.37% of right male , 66.66% of right female, 55.55% of left male and 59.25% of left female bones.
Conclusion: This study indicates that these indices are helpful for sex determination in both sexes with index 2 being more sensitive as compared to index 1.

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