Thukaa Z Abdul-Jalil

Department of Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants, College of Pharmacy, University of Baghdad, Iraq


  • Research Article   
    Genistein: A new Isoflavone from Iraqi Chrozophora tinctoria (Euphorbiaceae): Its Extraction, Isolation and Structure Elucidation
    Author(s): Abdul-aziz A Doghan* and Thukaa Z Abdul-Jalil

    In the current study, genistein proof of existence as a novel metabolite in the Iraqi Chrozophora tinctoria (Euphorbiaceae) was the mainstay issue. Extraction of genistein was performed from the dried aerial parts of the Iraqi Chrozophora tinctoria by using soxhelt apparatus with 85% Methanol followed by fractionation with petroleum ether and ethyl acetate fraction. Preparative Reverse-phase high performance liquid chromatography HPLC analysis of the ethyl acetate fraction for the aerial parts of the plant yielded eight phytoconstituents one of them (peak NO.2) gave identical match with genistein standard, depending on which the isolation and quantitative determination were done. A fruitful product of amorphous powder was yielded with a concentration 5.7 μg/g, the structure of this compound was elucidated unambiguously by melting point, analytical RP-HPLC, Ultra Violet UV spectrosc.. Read More»

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