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Vol 9, No 10 (2021) Role of Ultrasound in Evaluation of Vaginal Bleeding in First Trimester of Pregnancy Abstract PDF
Vol 9, No 10 (2021) Ultrasound Imaging of Complications of Arterio Venous Fistula for Dialysis Abstract PDF
Harshini U, P Naveen*
Vol 9, No 10 (2021) Computed Tomography Imaging in Evaluating Mediastinal Masses–A Diagnostic Approach with Histopathological Correlation Abstract PDF
Eldho Sajeev, P Naveen*
Vol 9, No 10 (2021) Role of Sonoelastography in Differentiating Malignant and Benign Lesions of the Breast Abstract PDF
Deepthi Ashok, P Naveen*
Vol 9, No 10 (2021) Association of Anxiety and Depression with Infertility Abstract PDF
Sadia Chaudhary*, Nadia Liaqat, Romana Latif, Durdana Zafar, Muhammad Saqib Rabbani, Masooma Qayyum
Vol 9, No 10 (2021) Phyto-assisted Synthesis and Assessment of Anticancer Properties of Selenium Nanoparticles Prepared Using Banana Stem Extracts-An In-vitro Study Abstract PDF
Divij Khullar*, S Rajeshkumar
Vol 9, No 10 (2021) Interaction of Twitter Users with Blood Donation Requests in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Study Abstract PDF
Saeed M Kabrah*, Akhmed Aslam, Duaa M Atas, Hanin A Qashqari, Ragad S Sever, Hebath Kabrah
Vol 9, No 10 (2021) Knowledge and Attitudes toward Child Abuse and Neglect (CAN) among Dental and Medical Practitioners in Saudi Arabia Abstract PDF
Roaa Merwass*, Khalid Aboalshamat, Fatmh Bashkail, Reham Alsalhi, Ahad Alsolami, Rahaf Alqadi, Bushra Al-Motairi, Rawan Alamoudi
Vol 9, No 10 (2021) Reviewing Publication Discussing the Frequency of ABO and Rhesus-D Blood Groups in Saudi Arabia Abstract PDF
Saeed M. Kabrah*, Arwa F. Flemban, Asim A. Khogeer, Waleed M. Bawazir
Vol 9, No 10 (2021) Comparison of Efficacy of Articaine and Bupivacaine after Impacted Third Surgery: A Double-Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract PDF
Rezin Ahmed*, MR Muthusekhar, Senthil Murugan P