3D Reconstruction CT in Fractures around Knee Joint | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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3D Reconstruction CT in Fractures around Knee Joint

Author(s): D Suresh Kumar and K Kanakaraj*


To study the spectrum of fractures on 3D reconstruction in CT of knee joint in all cases of knee trauma referred from OPD and casualty department of Sree Balaji Medical college, Chennai. o compares findings of 3D CT with conventional radiographs. Total patients examined CT with 3D reconstructions shows a higher specificity than conventional radiography. As well as number of patients identified in different types of tibial plateau fracture were more in case of examination with CT with 3D reconstructions than with plain radiography. The present study of 50 patients attempts to determine the role of 3D reconstruction in CT of fractures around knee joint.

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