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A Case of Post Traumatic Left Hand 4th Proximal Phalanx Fracture with Lacerated Wound over 4th Digit

Author(s): Pratik Mahapatra, Vijay Narasimman Reddy* and Mervinrosario


Introduction: Phalanges fractures are common and more than half of these are work related. They may be caused by direct injury causing swelling or open injury. Improper treatment may cause stiff finger.

Case report: A 42-year-old female came to the casualty with complain of pain in her left hand and laceration over her 4 th digit. There was a history of fall from bike resulting in the injury. X-ray of left hand along with x-ray of wrist and forearm was taken to rule out any other fractures. The x-ray image revealed left hand 4th digit proximal phalanx transverse shaft fracture. She was managed with closed reduction and internal fixation with K wire with good outcome.

Conclusion: Traumatic phalanges fracture when treated judiciously can give a good functional outcome.

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