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A Case Series on Ayurvedic Management of Shwitra (Vitiligo/leukoderma)

Author(s): Renu Bharat Rathi*, Devika Labsetwar, Bharat Rathi, Amit Gulhane and Garima Singh


Background: Vitiligo is a chronic and long-lasting disorder where white patches develop on skin. Vitiligo is a common autoimmune pigmentary disorder in which patches of skin loses their colour. The white patches appear on the skin owing to melanocyte deficit. Vitiligo is compared with Shwitra in Ayurveda. Ayurveda offers a lot of potential when it comes to treating autoimmune skin disorders. The Ayurvedic approach to autoimmune disease treatment focuses on restoring balance and boosting natural immunity. In addition to that a customized combination of panchakarma according to ones prakruti and combinations of various potential ingredients, diets and lifestyle recommendations work on the overall disease management. 14 and 15 years old two female patients were diagnosed with Vitiligo vulgaris with patches all over the body, specifically over both upper and lower extremities. On the basis of the patient’s condition, prakruti and sampraptighatak (pathological factors) a treatment protocol was designed which includes the shodhan and shamanachikitsa. The shodhanchikitsa (Biopurification) includes deepana pachan snehapana (pre-procedures to boost digestion) followed by vamana (Scientifically induced emesis) virechana (Scientifically induced purgation) and raktamokshana (bloodletting) along with the combination of shamanachikitsa (medicinal therapy) which includes Arogyavardhinivati with the local application of Bakuchitaila externally on white patches. Gandhakrasayana, Avalgujadilepaguti along with gomutra (cow’s urine) and the combination of various powdered herbs like Bakuchi, Kalamegh,Vidanga, Katuki were advised to both the patients with proper(dietary instructions and restrictions). The management strategy was efficacious in recovery of both the patients with the improvement in the repigmentation. This strategy could be useful in the future by including other drug combinations and therapeutic methods to get quick relief.

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