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A Clinical Case Report of Penetrating Ocular Trauma with Sealed Corneal Tear

Author(s): Parth Belapurkar*, Mayur Raka, Sachin Daigavhane


A thirty-eight-year-old male presented at OPD on with trauma to his right eye four days prior due to penetration of iron slivers in occupational field, which resulted in gradual diminution of vision. Ophthalmologic examination showed Best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) of 6/12 p and that of right eye to counting fingers (CF) at 1 m distance. A sealed tear at right corner extending up to the iris was seen. Lens examination demonstrated positive changes of localized opacity of lens suggesting of a traumatic cataract. Routine bio microscope showed presence of intraocular-foreign bodies with corneal tear and edema. Indirect microscopy revealed virtutis associated with haze, focal vitreous hemorrhage at the inferio-medial end. A penetrative trauma was provisionally diagnosed in the right eye extending from cornea to posterior segment with a self-sealed corneal tear. Confirmation of the provisional diagnosis was done by NECT of orbit which verified presence of hyper-dense foci due to metallic artifact in inferio-medial aspect of posterior segment- vitreous chamber of the right globe separated from the lens. A hypo-dense tract seen anterior to foreign body up to cornea suspected the trajectory of projectile.

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