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A Comparative Study of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology with Histopathology of Thyroid Swelling

Author(s): Naveen Kumar C, Varadaraju. P and Ravishankar KS*


The thyroid gland arises as an out pouching of the primitive foregut around the third week of gestation. It originates at the base of the tongue at the foramen caecum. Endodermal cells in the floor of the pharyngeal anlarge thicken to form the medial thyroid enlarge. It descends from foramen caecum in front of pharynx as a bilobed diverticulum. By the end of 2nd month thyroid reaches its final position in front of trachea. The lower end of the diverticulum enlarges to form gland and the rest i.e., thyroglossal duct disappears. The purpose of this study was to observe the correlation of FNAC and histopathology in various thyroid swellings, Solitary nodular goiter, Multi nodular goiter, Suspected malignancy of thyroid, Malignancy of thyroid, to stress the importance of HPE as final diagnostic tool.

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