A Comparison of Color Improvement of NovaMin, Casein phospho | 100213

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A Comparison of Color Improvement of NovaMin, Casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate and Arginine Treatments Applied to Artificial White Spot Lesions

Author(s): Aya Abdule Khalik Al_taee* and Afrah Khazal Al hamdany


Methods and Materials: An in vitro study was done on 30 recently extracted impacted third molars, to compare the color improvement of artificial WSL after treatment with three approaches by using colorimeter device, all samples were immersed in solutions of pH cycle for 10 days (demineralizing solution for 3hours, remineralizing solution for 20 hours and artificial saliva for 30 minutes twice daily. Then the sample divided randomly into 3 groups. Group1: NovaMin, group2: CPP ACP (Casein phosphopeptide amorphous calcium phosphate) and group3: Arginine containing toothpastes. Measurements were obtained in an adequately lit, windowless room with ambient temperature (19-25) ºC using colorimeter. An ANOVA was constructed (value P≤ 0.05).Followed by Duncan’s post–hoc test for comparisons of mean values. Results: There were significant differences among the various groups with respect to color changes means values of samples. The lowest value was for Arginine group and highest value was for Novamin group containing toothpastes. Conclusion: Sensodyne tooth paste (containing Novamin) is more effective in color improvement of artificial WSLs when compared with GC (containing CPP-ACP) and Colgate (containing Arginine) tooth paste.

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