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A Descriptive Research to Assess the Awareness on Typhoid Fever Management and Prevention of the Mothers of Five Children in Anakaputhur, Chennai

Author(s): Punitha K*


Typhoid fever, also simply known as typhoid, is a bacterial infection that causes symptoms due to specific types of Salmonella. Typhoid fever is common in low-sanitation countries. In the developed world, the disease is rare. Fever with typhoid is a disease. It's the product of bacteria. Before care, children can get very sick or even die. The disease is widespread in poor sanitation countries Objectives: Assess the knowledge of managing and preventing typhoid fever in selected community among mothers of less than five children. Methodology: For the present study, the research design selected was descriptive design. The study population is mothers with children under the age of five in anakaputhur, Chennai. The sample size is 40 mothers with children under five. Purposive sampling technique is the sampling method used. Results 14(35%) of mothers had insufficient knowledge, 19(47.5) had moderate knowledge, 7(17.5%) had sufficient knowledge.

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