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A Prospective & Comparative Study on the Clinical & Radiological Outcomes in Imilnaling Versus Dual Plating of Femur Following Fractures Haft of Femur

Author(s): Vijay Narasimman Reddy*, Lionel John, Subramaniya Gandhi, Sasikumar and Pooja Pradeepsuratwala


The aim of this study is to prospectively analyse the clinical, functional & radiological outcome of IMIL nailing versus dual plating of femur following fracture shaft of femur. The study was spread over a period of 30 months, but recruitment of new patients was stopped by December 2019, so that minimum follow up period was approximately 12 months. Majority of the FSF patients belonged to the 18-45 years age group (88%). The age of the oldest patient was 65 years & the youngest patient was 18 years old. Both IMIL nailing & dual plating was done to fix the FSF in this prospective study. On assessing the patients clinically using Thoreson et al scoring system, no significant difference was found between the two groups at 12 months.

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