A rare case report of the clinical management of Enamel hypo | 1431

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A rare case report of the clinical management of Enamel hypoplasia of epigenetic origin

Author(s): Leena Verma, Ravi Kant Sharma, Ramandeep Singh


Enamel hypoplasia is an exclusive ectodermal disturbance, related to alterations in the organic enamel matrix which can cause white flecks, narrow horizontal bands, lines of pits, grooves & discolouration of the teeth varying from yellow to dark brown. Dental enamel defects have been associated with a broad spectrum of etiologies including genetic and epigenetic factors such as systemic, local and environmental factors. Systemic conditions such as perinatal or prenatal illnesses, low birth weight, regular antibiotic consumptions, malnutrition, celiac disease and respiratory disorders like asthma are associated with enamel defects. A rare case of enamel hypoplasia of epigenetic origin and the clinical management for the same is presented in this case report.


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