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A Review Article: CRP as a Prognosis Factor from Day 1 to Day 6 in COVID-19 Patient

Author(s): Shivangee* and Sonali Choudhary


Introduction: Coronavirus SARS COV-2 has emerged as a global health issue with high fatality rates. Since there is no particular identifiable cure to this yet, precaution prevention and analyzing risk factors could only help to determine the mortality risk in individuals and curtail the effect of disease. How to reduce the spread and control disease mortality is major concern. One of the reliable biomarker till date is C reactive protein C reactive protein is an inflammatory marker formed by liver during any inflammation due to bacteria, virus, and fungus. Usually the levels in normal body are low around. Background: This process of inflammation is succeeded by process of healing which as a response produces acute phase reactant “one of which is CRP. It is easily available, inexpensive, easy to obtain marker for study. It can be classified based on their concentration in serum as - positive or negative. This suggest that during inflammatory process positive APR up regulates while negative APR down regulates Summary: The value increased on day1 in moderate severe cases but declined after day6 in survivors of covid-19 patients as per data released by di?erent journals. The test is recommended in patients of covid-19 infection who has moderate to severe symptoms not relieved after 5 day. It helps in early detection of cytokine storm which is said to occur in second week of illness tracking the rate of change of the marker from Day 1 to Day 3 to Day 6 is very powerful and very clinically predictive test. The values were considerably increased in severe to morbid patients (200mg/l) compared to mild patients (20mg/l) with a sensitivity of 67%. So to combat these complication researchers came together to a conclusion that Statistical significance in CRP median exists between di?erent subgroups clinical types and ages. In this article we aim at predicting the severity and outcome of patients infected by coronavirus by prognostic marker CRP

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