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A Review of the Relationship between Patient and Physician from a Historical and Ethical Point of View

Author(s): Mohammad Nader Sharifi* and Seyed Mahmoud Tabatabaei


Physicians need to have a good relationship with their patients during their careers in order to provide optimal treatment. The Physician should be always on the basis of the principles of medical ethics in order to benefit and provide the best interest to his patients. Considering the cultural and conventional conditions, and the characteristics of patients in Iran, using the old and new internal and external sources, and its adaptation to the native conditions of Iran can first, on the basis of Deontology and then virtue-oriented, establish the best communication in order to better providing the service. In this paper, considering the important issue of the relationship between the patient and the physician and its effect on the treatment process, several important issues raised in this regard and the analysis of the views of the scholars from the historical and ethical point of view has been addressed and by summing up these comments, we are discussing the special position of this relationship so that distinguished physicians are more aware of the importance of advancement in the therapeutic goals and have an effective relationship with the current situation in Iran.

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