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A Review on Epidemiology, Emergence, Spread, Clinical Aspects, Avoidance and Management of COVID-19 Outbreak

Author(s): Naif Albaqami* and Mahdi Mohammed Alrajhi


Background: COVID-19 or corona virus outbreak is a major source of disaster in the year 2020 which has distraught about 220 countries around the globe. The source of the outbreak was first identified in the province of Wuhan, China in December 2019. As of now, there are about 52,00,000 positive cases of the virus by the last week of May 2020 causing approx. 3,42,000 deaths worldwide.

Methods: The objective of this review paper is to methodically analyze the reasons, findings, deterrence, and control of this virus. The secondary sources applied in this analysis have been taken from the data and information available on a public domain.

Results: Testing in a laboratory for the identification of the virus comprises of the usual or decreased counts of white cells with lofty protein C-reactive. The tomographic chest scan is typically anomalous yet in patients having no indications. Preclusion in this deadly ailment include entails isolation of suspected numbers. Strict precautionary measures are required with suspects.

Conclusion: This paper attempts to review the structure, cause of infection, direction of diffusion, pathogenesis, quantifiable attributes, management, and avoidance of virus.

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