A Review on Herbal Anti-Septic Formulations | 93432

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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A Review on Herbal Anti-Septic Formulations

Author(s): Gopal Arora*, Deepika Arora, Sanjeev Mittal, Sandhya and Chinky Sharma


Nature comprises of immense amount of sustainable elements with sounding properties. The natural herbs present in nature are more bene?ca and safe than those produced synthetically. Due to irregularities developed in lifestyle of people development of diseases are also increasing. In order to overcome from those, people have started depending on synthetic antibiotics or other drugs, whose large consumption has led to cause side effects. Thus to combat those, researchers have started inclining towards natural based products. The present review gives an insight of all the herbal products formulated by various researchers group and their effectively when compared to synthetic products. List of all the natural herbs possessing anti-microbial activity is also discussed. The ?ed discussed here included utilization of herbal formulations as disinfectant, sanitizer, antiseptic ointment, and dentr?ces? From all the cited work it was inferred that whatever the situation be, whether it is a comparison between herbal formulation and synthetic formulation at lab scale or any clinical trials experiments, herbal formulation was found to be effective in treating the disease/ailments without causing any lethal effects.

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