A Review Report of Hygiene and Safety of Foodstuffs in Iranian Army | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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A Review Report of Hygiene and Safety of Foodstuffs in Iranian Army

Author(s): Abdulsattar Avazsufiyan, Arasb Dabbagh-Moghaddam, Hossein Dini-Talatappeh


Unhealthy foodstuffs are responsible for as many as 2 million deaths every year most whom are young children. Food poisonings are on the top of the list of major food concerns for many politicians. On the other hand, we may also say that application of biological materials against various purposes such as agriculture may take different forms. Such activities can be described in terms of three words: biological war, biological terrorism, and biological crime. New threats against foodstuffs health are emerging every day. Changes made to production methods, distribution and consumption of foodstuffs, changes made in the environment, development of new pathogens, and antimicrobial resistance are a major challenge against the health of foodstuffs. The present research has used descriptive-analytical and inferential methods to analyze the data obtained through library researches. The present research seeks to improve the hygiene level and safety of foodstuff in the chain of production, distribution, storage in the food resources of the Iranian Army and to minimize the level of contaminations and diseases associated with foodstuffs. It also seeks to minimize the food waste. All these goals are accomplished by establishing health management and food safety systems and international standards. These standards form a useful strategy in order to make sure about the food safety in food chain whose key elements are mutual communication, management system, proposed plans, loss analysis principles, and critical points control. A nutrition plan based upon the scientific principles and with due consideration of all our requirements that has no microbial, chemical, etc. contaminations will certainly guarantee human health. By making it possible to have access to healthy food in production, distribution and storage chain, we may prevent food-based diseases among conscripts and army personnel.

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