A Review?CAD/CAM in Orthodontics | 91172

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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A Review?CAD/CAM in Orthodontics

Author(s): Jyosthna A*, Xavier Dhayanandh, Evan Clement, Pirathiba and Navaneetha Nambi


The use of 3 dimensional technologies in orthodontics has increased in recent years. 3D intraoral oral scanning, cone beam computed tomography, 3D printing and computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing technology (CAD/CAM) has been utilized to create personalized orthodontic appliances. CAD/CAM technology in orthodontics includes digital impressions, digital models, virtual articulators, face bow, wires, brackets, etc. While all this technological improvements to orthodontic field seem promising, but do they truly improve treatment efficiency and treatment quality? Therefore, to solve this dilemma this article will review the current published literature investigating the various methods and techniques of CAD/CAM technology.

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