A Study of Co-Morbid Conditions Associated with Psoriasis | 82524

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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A Study of Co-Morbid Conditions Associated with Psoriasis

Author(s): N Ashwak Ahmed*


Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease which affects 1-3 % of world's population. There is a slight male preponderance noted in this study, 93 patients (62%) were in the age group of more than 40 years of age. Psoriasis vulgaris, palmo plantar psoriasis, palmar psoriasis, plantar psoriasis, and scalp psonasis are the clinical types encountered in this study. Among these, psoriasis vulgaris was the commonest type noted in this study. Almost 79 patients (52.7%) had one or other co-morbid disease. hypertension was found to be more common in this study followed by diabetes mellitus, dyslipedemia, thyroid disorder and ischemic heart disease. It was observed that patients who had co-morbidities have developed it within 5 years of onset of psoriasis and it is found to be significant.

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