A Study of Maternal and Newborn Healthcare Services at District Hospital Sitamarhi, Bihar | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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A Study of Maternal and Newborn Healthcare Services at District Hospital Sitamarhi, Bihar

Author(s): Dhananjay D Mankar*


Background: LaQshya guidelines provided by Government of India are applicable to all Government-run medical colleges, district hospitals, community health centers, sub-district hospitals, and referral units and aims to organize the infrastructure and protocol of labour rooms and maternity operation theatre according to guidelines. The standards are provided in guidelines for the inputs (like space, layout, equipment, consumables, and human resources), process and outcomes. Objectives: To assess the inputs, processes and outcome of labour room and maternity OT according to LaQshya guidelines. To suggest ways to improve quality of labour room and maternity OT if find any bottlenecks Methods: The study was conducted in 100 bedded district hospital, Sitamarhi, Bihar. The study is descriptive in nature. The primary data was collected by observation, review of records, interview with staff and patients. The data has been collected with the help of standardized checklists in accordance with LaQshya guidelines. Results: The results show that in its current state, the inputs, process, and outcomes for both labour room and operation theatre are far behind. Scorecard for labour room was 42% and 54% for Operation Theatre as compare to minimum 70% norms. Lack of human resources, inadequate Standard Operating Procedures for all key processes and support services, and organisational framework for quality improvement were the challenges. Conclusion: The district hospital, Sitamarhi must improve labour room by 28% points and for operation theatre 16% to achieve 70% LaQshya guidelines.

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