A study of morphological features of ilium for sex determina | 1651

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A study of morphological features of ilium for sex determination in Gujarat state

Author(s): D.V. Gohil, K P Dangar, S.P.Rathod, Kinjal Jethwa, Geeta Singal


Background: Hip bone is most commonly used by forensic personnel as well as anatomist and anthropometric expert for sex determination. Many workers have calculated different types of indices to determine the sex of hip bone.

Aim: In present study, determination of sex of hip bone was done by using morphological features.

Materials & Method: Present study was conducted at Dept of Anatomy, PDU medical college, Rajkot on 108 (27 male & female of each side) adult human hip bones. Four morphological features of ilium, 1) Preauricular sulcus 2) Post auricular sulcus 3) Post auricular space and 4) iliac tuberosity were observed.

Results: Iliac tuberosity was most efficient parameter to identify male hip bones (90.74%), while post-auricular sulcus was most efficient parameter to identify female hip bones (72.22%).

Conclusion: Combination of morphological feature is more effective in sex determination than a single feature alone.


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