A Study of Ocular Manifestations in Leprosy | 82850

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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A Study of Ocular Manifestations in Leprosy

Author(s): PM Palanimuthukumaran*


Majority had brow and eyelash madarosis constituting 33%, Lagophthalmos 10.6%, Exposure Keratitis 9.3% and chronic dacroyocystitis 1.3%. Among this the total numbers of male patients were 28 and total number of female patients was 5, reflecting the male preponderance. The higher incidence of leprosy in male population can be attributed to higher rate of exposure and hence increased risk of infection. Maximum incidence was seen in paucibacillary group and the incidence of paucibacillary in the group with time lag of 19 to 24 months is low (4.1%) compared to that of time lag of <6 months (45.2%). Of the total study group, nearly 47% of population had no manifestations, indicating the efficacy of early detection of disease.

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