A Study of Papular Urticaria and Atopy | 82534

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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A Study of Papular Urticaria and Atopy

Author(s): Raneesha PK*


The minimum age of onset was 37 days, and the maximum was to 38 years. With the mean age of 9.1 years. 50% of our patients affected were under 5 years of age. Out of 107 patients 38 patients (35.5%) had personal history of Atopy and 69 patients (64.5%) had family history of Atopy. serum IgE levels was elicited in all the patients (150) out of which 76 patients (50. 7%) showed increased absolute eosinophil count values and 63 patients (42%) showed increased in serum IgE levels. 52 patients (34.7) had both levels elevated.

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