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A study of the Nurses' Performance about the Acquired Weakness in the Intensive Care Unit by MRC-Scale for Muscle power

Author(s): Qassim Jawell Odah* and Wafaa Abed Ali Hattab


Patients with critical condition lead to long stay in ICU which result complications as AW-ICU. The AW-ICU is disability may be permanent or temporary due to lower and upper extremities weaknesses add top respiratory muscle. The critical ill patients occur with AW-ICU about 50% of more causes lead to AW-ICU the most common hypoglycemia, care accident, stroke such as hemorrhage or thrombotic stroke, respiratory failure, Corona virus, early rehabilitation that reduction or prevention ICU complications and effect sedative medication and impact parenteral gastric feeding and early predication for AW-ICU very important by one methods such as medical council research scale (MCR) for muscle power. Other rots for diagnosis are electrical impulses for stimulation and measuring muscle reflexes Acquired weakness comes in different forms, some of which affect nerves or muscles, or are neuromuscular Acquired weakness is a recurrent disorder in the ICU, the weakness can be cause to essential neuromuscula48% of critically ill patients survive in intensive care. Methodology: A descriptive design was used in the current study; the study was conducted in the ICU of Al-Zahra Hospital in Al-Kut city in Iraq. Study sample: a non-probability (purposive) sample selected from nurses working in ICU, and the sample was (52) nurses. Use the questionnaire by noting the checklist. Result: It was found that the nurses working in the intensive care unit were weak or almost non-existent in predicting acquired weakness by the Medical Research Council's scale of muscle strength. Conclusion: Intensive care unit nurses underperform on predicting (AW-ICU). Also, a relationship was found between demographic data and the nurses' performance.

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