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A Study on Health Profile of Post-menopausal Women in Jamnagar district, Gujarat

Author(s): Sarkar A, Pithadia P, Goswami K, Bhavsar S, Makwana NR, Yadav S, Parmar DV


Introduction: Various menopausal symptoms experienced by middle aged women affect their quality of life. There is lack of awareness regarding menopause and related problems among women. Studies related to knowledge of menopause and awareness regarding how to cope with it to have a good quality of life are very limited.

Objective: This cross-sectional study aimed at evaluating various post-menopausal symptoms and various demographic parameters like mean age at menarche, marriage, menopause etc among women aged between 40 and 65 years and comparing them in urban, urban slums and rural areas of Jamnagar district.

Material and Methods: 300 women (100 each from urban, urban slum and rural areas of Jamnagar district) aged between 40 and 65 years, through simple random sampling method.

Results: Mean age at menarche and menopause were 14.73±1.40 and 46.3±5.29 (mean±SD) respectively, which were higher in rural areas, followed by urban slums and urban areas of Jamnagar district. Whereas mean age at marriage and first pregnancy were found to be 17.71±3.31 and 20.18±3.27 (mean±SD) respectively, which were higher in urban areas followed by urban slums and rural areas. The most common symptoms associated with menopause were joint pain (64%), backache (58%), irritability (56.66%), forgetfulness and sadness (48%) and vasomotor symptoms like hot flushes and night sweats (47.33%).

Conclusion: As life expectancy and population of post-menopausal women increases, efforts are needed to educate them and make them aware about various menopausal symptoms. This will enable them to recognize these symptoms early, to seek timely medical treatment for the same and improve quality of life.


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