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A Study on Perception of Health Care Workers In Relation To HIV/AIDS in Jamnagar District

Author(s): Kapil Gandha, Kishor M Dhaduk, Dipesh Parmar, kaushik lodhiya, pradeep pithadia


Background: The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about 2.5% of HIV cases among healthcare workers worldwide are due to result of such exposures. While treating HIV positive patients or persons with unknown status and with high risk behavior, health professionals are at risk of getting HIV/AIDS at every stage as one of the occupational hazards.
Aim: The perceptions in relation with prevention of HIV/AIDS amongst health care workers.
Materials and Methods: A hospital based cross-sectional observational study carried out among 100 PG students, 50 medical officers, 210 nurses, 40 lab technicians and 100 primary health workers from district hospital as well as from peripheral CHCs and PHCs. Multistage stratified random sampling was done. Data was analyzed by Epi Info software.
Results: The overall percentage of health functionaries having faith in Universal Precautions as a preventive tool in present study was 75%.Of those who had knowledge about Universal Precautions; only 49.45% of the PG students, 22% of the Medical officers, 28.3% of the Nurses, 17.40% of the Lab. technicians and 33.3% of the Health workers had favored using Universal Precautions with each patient.
Conclusion: At the end of the study we can be able to find out various false perceptions and beliefs amongst health care worker in relation to prevention of HIV/AIDS at day to day work. Supportive supervision and onsite training and corrections are needed. Periodic Joint Training particularly in practical aspect for all level of health care workers is need of hour.


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