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A Study to Assess Health Profile, Morbidities and Health Insurance Coverage Amongst Female Rag Pickers From Wardha District

Author(s): Akshay Sule, Abhishek Joshi, Aditya Dhonde, Himabindu Reddy, Ashok Mehendale


Background: Majority of the people regards rag pickers as antisocial elements. Even some of the well-educated people, consider them as an embarrassment to the community. Little do they know that their contribution to society and ecology is of such a great importance? According to studies, the garbage they gather is reused and creates a quarter of the paper, packing materials, egg carrying trays, metals and plastic household items, and other objects used in houses. This proves to be of great importance to society and the environment greatly by reducing the cost of household items and delaying the destruction of already endangered wildlife and forests. There is a huge informal sector of rag-pickers in India who make a living by collecting garbage from the streets, dustbins, and waste dumps. These rag-pickers are thought to collect around 5-10% of total garbage produced in major cities and transfer it on to recycling businesses through different degrees of middlemen. As a consequence, these rag-pickers save local governments several million rupees a year in collection, transportation, and disposal costs, as well as land fill space. Furthermore, disturbing details about child labour in the industry are presented. Objective: The purpose of this study will be to assess health profile, morbidities and health insurance coverage amongst female rag pickers from Wardha district. Methodology: This cross sectional study will include 100 female rag pickers randomly selected from Wardha city. Using a structured pretested questionnaire data will be collected from all participants. Expected result: The analysis of the data and appropriate statistical tests will be contemplated in the result. Conclusion: The conclusion will be drawn after the completion of the proposed study.

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