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A study to assess knowledge attitude and practices about sanitation hygiene and health checkups amongst kitchen workers from DMIMS

Author(s): Riya Sharma, Abhishek Joshi*, Himabindu Reddy, Aditya Dhonde, Ashok Mehendale


Background: Sanitation hygiene for food and beverages the practice that deals with the processes of keeping eatables free of risks that can harm or interfere with health. Institutional foodborne illness outbreaks continue to make national news, showing negligence on part of people handling food to follow sanitary methods of cooking and food distribution. Microbiological examination of hands of people involved in food preparation and distribution can help gauge the cleaning processes of the establishment. Kitchens were the subject of a cross-sectional investigation. The findings highlight the importance of all food workers receiving food hygiene training. Maintenance of cleanliness of food and food handlers is a must and should in cafeterias of any establishments. When disease-causing bacteria, viruses, or parasites contaminate food, food-borne illnesses can develop.. All across the world, foodborne infections are common and often even prove lethal. The researchers came to the conclusion that the food handlers had enough food safety knowledge. This study included food handlers from a DMIMS in SAWANGI, WARDHA. Objectives: Our study aims to assess knowledge, attitude and practices about sanitation, to check Hygiene and conduct health check-ups amongst kitchen workers and to put forth the recommendation based on study results. Methods: A cross-sectional analysis will be conducted in kitchens. All consenting kitchen workers of Food court at DMIMS will be recruited as part of the study. Data will be collected via well-structured questionnaire. Expected Results: The analysis of the data and appropriate statistical tests will be contemplated in the result. The findings will emphasize the necessity of food hygiene training for all food workers. Aspects of the safety behavior of food employees will be highlighted Conclusion: The conclusion will be drawn after the completion of the proposed study.

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