A Study to Assess the Pulmonary Function Among Workers in Si | 77087

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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A Study to Assess the Pulmonary Function Among Workers in Silk and Cotton Textile Industry by Spirometry

Author(s): Anitha, P Saikumar and Renuka Devi MR*


The major functions of the ministry of textiles are formulating policy and coordination of manmade fiber, cotton, jute, silk, wool industries, decentralization of power loom sector, promotion of exports and Planning & economic analysis, finance and promoting use of information technology. The Sericulture and Silk Sector: India is the 2nd largest producer of silk in the world. India produces 18% of the world's total silk. Mulberry, Eri, Tasar, and Muga are the main types of silk produced in the country. It is a labor - intensive sector. In our study we also found that the sub section in which people was working as for example spinning, weaving, and twisting, there is a difference in lung function and symptoms. So, the subsection of the working sector also plays a major role. The present is comparing the pulmonary functions of subjects in cotton and silk textile industry with normal subjects and between the workers in the cotton and silk industry. To perform pulmonary function tests in normal people, pulmonary function tests in workers in cotton industry and silk industry.

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