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A Study to Identify the Most Common Exercises Used in Cricket for Improving Speed in Medium Fast Bowlers in India-A Mail Survey

Author(s): Avinash Kumar Boyat* and Priyanshu V Rathod


Background: Cricket is one of the world's major team sports in terms of regular international games. Bowling action is a highly skilled activity acquired over years of fine tuning. Despite the popularity of cricket, there is a relative lack of strength and conditioning research into position- specific roles. In cricket, pace bowlers use their bowling speed, accuracy, and consistency to assist in dismissing a batsman. The faster a bowler can deliver the ball, the less time a batsman must react and play an appropriate shot. A ball delivered at 44.4 m.s-1 reaches the batsman in ≈ 0.44 s. If fast bowlers maintain their bowling speed for long periods (consistency), then batsmen do not get an opportunity to settle into their innings by taking advantage of a drop in pace. The main objective of this survey was to find out the most common exercises used for medium fast bowlers for improving speed. Methods: The researcher had sent email of questionnaire in Google form to professionals working in different cricket associations in India and the response from them was recorded and analysed. Results: 26 responses were received from all the professionals and out of 26 exercises, 6 of them were the most common exercises selected by the expertise to improve the speed of medium fast bowlers. Conclusion: From the responses received it was concluded that Front Squat, Hip Thrust, Box Jump, Rotational Medicine Ball Throw, 40 m Sprint and Plank were the most common exercises suggested by expertise working in cricket associations in India.

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