Abacus-A Tool for Memory | 82351

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Abacus-A Tool for Memory

Author(s): S Shalini*


In case of a mental abacus, representation of a number requires the tracking of the beads and representing the identity and precise location of each bead is necessary not only for identifying values, but also for performing arithmetic computations. N-Back test was for visual assessment there is an improvement in memory in abacus learners, which is significant (p value-0.000). Similarly, to assess auditory memory for numerical tasks, digit span forward test was used, which primarily taps short-term memory. Which when auditorily presented, it can be noted that there is also a significant improvement (p value-s0.000) in memory in children. undergoing abacus training than children who do not. This highlights that there is a significant improvement in the memory for numerical tasks that are presented both visually and auditorily.

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