An Analytic Study of Colonic Malignancy in Our Institution | Abstract

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An Analytic Study of Colonic Malignancy in Our Institution

Author(s): Essam H. Dhandapani and A. Jayakrishna Reddy*


Colorectal malignancy is the second most commonly reported cancer world wide. Colon cancer is reported to be very common among women and rectal among females. Though chemo and radiation therapy is given for these colonic malignancy, surgery becomes the only ?in?l choice. Hence this study aims to determine the incidence of age, sex, common clinical manifestations of the malignancies, pathological evaluation and morbidity and mortality associated with types of colonic tumours. Methodology: The patients (45 No’s) who were con?imed histologically with colonic malignancy were taken up for the study. Blood biochemistry assessments including LFT to assess general conditions, Colonoscopy to con?im the location and nature of the growth, USG abdomen to image the liver to check for secondary deposits were diagnosed on the samples. From the study samples, of the total 35 patients, males constituted 21 patients (60%) and females constituted 14 patients (40%). The frequency of distribution of malignancy is depicted.

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