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Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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An Experimental Study to Analyze the Efficacy of Reminiscence Therapy on Depression among the Elderly at an Old Age Home in Chennai

Author(s): AR Bharathi*


Aging is usually closely correlated with decreased physical activity and increased disease conditions. Most of the elderly suffer from varied disease conditions. Apart from being affected physically, they are said to be affected mentally also. About one third elderly population of India suffered from depression. This may be due to various reasons such as lose of a spouse or child, loneliness, financial insecurity, emotional insecurity, etc. The use of reminiscent therapy in treating depression in elderly is slowly but steadily thriving among medical practitioners and care givers. Studying the efficacy of reminiscent therapy usage would help create awareness and in formation of support groups either through relatives, friends or care givers. Hence the present study was designed to check the efficacy of reminiscent therapy in elderly. The present study shows without doubt that reminiscent therapy indeed helps curb depression and may be tried in elderly before pharmaceutical interventions.

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