An interesting case of anesthesia mumps- In Sawangi, Wardha. | 96482

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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An interesting case of anesthesia mumps- In Sawangi, Wardha.

Author(s): Deepjit Bhuyan*


Intense transient parotid organ expansion in relationship with general anaesthesia is an uncommon entanglement and complication and has likewise been called anesthesia mumps. Unilateral or bilateral parotid or submandibular expanding generally arises during a surgical procedure under anaesthesia or, a couple of hours after the fact and as a rule settle in a couple of days with no sequelae. It has been accounted for as a difficulty and complication after general anesthesia in patients going through surgical procedures in prone and lateral decubitus position, even after caesarean section in the supine position. We present an instance of a bilateral parotid enlarging saw in quick postoperative course, in a patient who underwent open anatropic pyelolithotomy (right side) for stag horn calculus.

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