An Investigation of the Effects of Direct Ground Liquid CO2 | 91750

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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An Investigation of the Effects of Direct Ground Liquid CO2 Injection on Soil Synthetic Characteristics in Areas with Deep Buried Geological Environment

Author(s): Yudhishter Singh, Avneet Kaur, Arminder Kaur


To depict the influence of a significant Carbon dioxide concentration upon that soil in the mining operations subsidence area, the ground well above goaf preceding CO2 introduction is utilised as a deflation zone model. CO2 diffusion in the goaf is thought to be a narrow high Carbon dioxide leakage model based on current vertical depths of 80–90 m in shallow underground coal seam geological conditions. Soil surface samples were gathered throughout the observations of 80 tonnes of liquid CO2 administered intravenously. The adjustments in pH and mineral content of the soil can be directly measured at different time interval among CO2 injections by analyzing the distinction in five variables of ground aerosol and spotless snippet, which include pH, nutrient elements, accessibility potassium, water-soluble sodium, and total organic carbon. This demonstrates how injecting CO2 into such a goaf alters the chemical characteristics of the soil around it.

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