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An Unusual Case of Neonate with Unilateral Congenital Genu Recurvatum with Bilateral Club Foot with Cutis Laxa Syndrome

Author(s): Mahaveer Singh Lakra*, Sagar A Karotkar, Bhavana Lakhkar, Sham B Lohiya and Ashwini Lakra


Congenital genu recurvatum is a rare disorder of neonatal life with an incidence of 1 in 100,000 per live birth. It may be isolated or may be associated with other skeletal anomalies or syndromes. It is diagnosed at birth by clinical examination and hyperextension at the knee joint and skin laxity. The association of genu recurvatum with club foot and cutis laxa is a very rare entity. A full-term male baby born to a prim gravida having oligohydramnios in the antenatal period, presented to us with skeletal abnormalities respiratory distress with hyperextension of the right knee with no flexion, bilateral club foot, and loose wrinkled skin. Later on, the baby developed respiratory distress, tachypnoea, grunting which required respiratory support. He also had an paralytic ileus and undescended testis with chest and spine deformity. The skin over his chest, soles, and palms was very lax having wrinkles. Finally the diagnosis of genu recurvatum with congenital talipes equinovarus with cutis laxa syndrome was made with other unusual associations. The respiratory emergency and paralytic ileus were managed by the neonatologist. Gradual corrective serial casting was done and the deformity corrected over time by multidisciplinary team approach.

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