An unusual case of severe bilateral anterior uveitis as the | 96285

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An unusual case of severe bilateral anterior uveitis as the initial presentation of tuberculosis in a young male

Author(s): Prasiddhi Satone*, Yash Ghulaxe, Ronak Rukhiyana, Sachin Daigavane, Jigna Motwani


The most frequent type of intraocular inflammation with potentially sight threatening consequences is anterior uveitis. Anterior uveitis has a variety of signs and symptoms, and the diagnosis is relatively easy but the cause is often more difficult to clarify, while chronic iridocyclitis has an insidious onset and difficult diagnosis. A case of 38-year-old male patient was referred to Ophthalmology OPD with chronic anterior uveitis and was later diagnosed as tuberculosis during complete investigations for uveitis. A young male patient with severe case of anterior uveitis and no signs and symptoms of tuberculosis was a rare presentation. He complained of bilateral diminution of vision since two months, which was insidious in onset and gradually progressive in nature. On local examination, anterior segment findings were mild conjunctival congestion, multiple nebular corneal opacities, mutton fat keratic precipitates were seen, festooned pupil was observed and complicated cataract was seen. Patient was tested positive for Mantoux during investigations and was started on antitubercular treatment on a prompt basis. Regular follow up was kept.

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