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Analysis of the Location of the Medical Industry in the Volga Federal District

Author(s): Arina Vyacheslavovna Rudenko*, Valeriya Valerievna Shaimardanova and Svetlana Viktorovna Shklyarenko


The article is devoted to the analysis, characteristics and factors of location of the enterprises of pharmaceutical, medical and microbiological branches of the medical industry in the Volga Federal District. It was revealed that the pharmaceutical industry is developing practically throughout the entire territory of the Volga Federal District. It has good product coverage and, thus, specializes depending on the raw materials, which are present in territorial subjects. The results of the research are presented in the form of a series of diagrams, as well as in the form of a density map of medical industry enterprises by separate sub-sectors. The work is based on the resource base for pharmaceutical, medical and microbiological enterprises in the Volga Federal District. The result of its processing was presented in the form of a table with the name of the enterprise, the set of indicators, for example, the main product or service, produced or provided by the enterprise, the sub-industry and the presence of the enterprise's website on the Internet. The deep analysis of the medical industry is necessary at the current stage of development of Russia, since the growth of population and the trend towards import substitution are triggers for the development of this industry. It was also noted the dependence of the number of production facilities on the economic and geographical location of territorial subject.

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