Analytical Study of Various Dressing in the Management of Diabetic Foot | Abstract

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Analytical Study of Various Dressing in the Management of Diabetic Foot

Author(s): A Raghavendran and RG Santhaseelan*


Introduction: Diabetes is a physiological disorder that can modify many physiological functions if not managed properly. Prolonged diabetic ulcer is one of the most significant side effects of diabetes due to impairment of vascular network at the wound sites. The study was carried out in patients admitted in Sree Balaji Medical college and Hospital, Chennai from December 2015 to October 2016.

Methods: The patients were allocated randomly into four groups – Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D which corresponded to saline, povidone-iodine, metronidazole, and eusol dressing respectively and their demographic data were collected.

Results: The study showed that non curable ulcer risk increased with aging at 50-60 years and severity and duration were higher in male than females. Smoking and alcoholism contribute dangerously affect the diabetic ulcers. The familial history played a significant role in ulcer management. The antibiotics showed effective results within the groups. But the comparative analysis between the groups resulted in non- significant results.

Conclusion: The present study showed that strategic and continuous management of ulcers for effective therapeutic goals irrespective of combination of the antibiotics.

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