Analyzing the Characteristics of the Hubristic Motivation of Adolescent Athletes | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Analyzing the Characteristics of the Hubristic Motivation of Adolescent Athletes

Author(s): Liudmyla Zhdaniuk*, Svitlana Lukova, Nataliia Beseda, Tetiana Synytsya and Tetiana Yopa


The primary purpose of the article is to investigate the characteristics of the hubristic motivation of adolescent athletes. Sex differences in the hubristic motive of adolescent athletes were exhibited. Furthermore, it is revealed that female athletes hold a higher level of hubristic motivation compared to male athletes. Variations in hubristic motivation adolescents involved in individual and group sports are examined. It is revealed that teenagers involved in team sports own a greater level of hubristic motivation as opposed to peers involved in individual sports. Team sports Representatives are defined by a more pronounced passion for perfection and the passion for perfection in their hubristic motivation structure. Three typological profiles of hubristic motivation of adolescent athletes are classified named as: «Dominance of the desire for superiority», «Dominance of the desire for perfection», «Decreased level of hubristic motivation». Characteristics of participants in the sports activity of teenager athletes relying on the sort of hubristic motivation are unveiled. It is confirmed that adolescent athletes' sports activities with a predominance of perfection are followed by more considerable efforts than adolescent athletes with low levels of hubristic motivation. Teenagers with the dominance of ambition to perfection in sports activity exhibit all three optimum experience components: enjoyment, energy, and meaning, as opposed to adolescents with low hubristic motivation levels.

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