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Analyzing the Nonstandard Sports Equipment as an Efficient Measure of Provoking Pre-schoolers Motor Activity

Author(s): Olena Hnizdilova*, Oksana Vilkhova, Liliya Zimakova, Anzhela Pasichnichenko and Nataliya Kovalevska


This current study seeks to investigate the issue of figuring practical measures to protect and promote the preschool children's physical health and well-being, developing the preschool education's motor regime, and finally enhancing the resistance of the protective forces of the child's body. To meet that aim, Theoretical and methodical foundations of triggering the preschool-age children in preschool education institutions using the non-standard physical training equipment are generalized. The given study includes examining the consequences of experimental research on provoking preschool children's motor activity employing non-standard sports equipment. It is confirmed that in order to expand work on PE in preschool institutions; it is highly probable that utilizing teachers of the non-standard physical culture equipment can help to the improvement of physical and moral characteristics, enhancing the functioning of organs and body's systems, hardening muscles, and above all else, help to sustain the preschool children's physical health. The efficiency of such kinds of non-standard sports equipment in increasing the motor activity of older preschool children is beyond question. The instances of such equipment include equipment to train children in crawling, climbing, stepping, and jumping over barriers, improving agility, precision, resilience, stability, coordination of movements and spatial perception; arm muscle empowering equipment; to develop sensory, excellent motor skills; equipment to prevent and correct flat feet and so forth.

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