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Aneurysmal Bone Cyst

Author(s): Dr. M P.Brundha*, Palati Sinduja and Priyadharshini


An aneurysmal bone cyst is benign expansile tumour-like cystic lesions of bone composed of blood-filled spaces separated by connective tissue septa. The term “aneurysmal” refers to both the radiographic appearance of the bones, which have the distended appearance of an aneurysm, and also to the large cystic blood-filled spaces found at operation. The term “aneurysmal bone cyst” has been accepted throughout the world, although the lesion to which it refers is neither an aneurysm nor a bone cyst. They are seen more in children than in adults. The exact cause is not known there are a few theories that have been given. Diagnosis is done with a variety of radiographic methods, after which treatment is provided according to the lesion. The main problem is the recurrence of the cyst even after treatment. This review aims to overview the basic knowledge of aneurysmal bone cyst.

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