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Antibiotic of Klebsiella pneumoniae that isolated from clinical and environmental samples in Ba'aqubah Teaching hospital / Diyala

Author(s): Adawia Fadhel Abbas*, Muthanna Abdulkhader Salh Al-Mahdawi and Sattar Abdul Jabbar Ibrahim


Clinical samples (278) from people with various disorders and aquatic environmental samples (50) were also taken. Clinical samples included urine samples (130) sputum samples (83), wound samples (36), burns (15) and blood samples (14), fourteen samples were gathered. Samples from the Ba'aqubah Teaching Hospital in Diyala for the months of December 2021 to May 2022. The results of all samples' bacterial culture showed that (62.9%)175 samples were found to be positive for bacterial culture and 103 samples (37.1%)to be negative while (39.4) 69% of Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria the isolates were identified using microbiological and molecular techniques, K. pneumoniae bacteria were found in urine (32.31%)42, sputum (20.5%)17, , wounds (19.44%) 7 burns (13.33%)2 blood (7.14%)1, water (5%)5 According to the Kirby-Bauer disc, different isolates of K. pneumoniae bacteria are resistant to the various antibiotics used in the study, including (Amoxicillin + Clavulanic Acid 87.80%, Amikacin 48.78%, Trimethoprime-sulfamethoxazole 80.48%, Azithromycin 68.29%, Levofloxacin 43.90%, Ciprofloxacin46.34%, Ceftazidim 100% Ceftriaxone 92.68% Ticarcillinclavulanate 92.68% Pipracillintazobactam 60.97% Merpenem 95.12% Imipenem 46.34(%The findings of the antibiotic sensitivity test revealed that 32 (78%) of the K. pneumoniae isolates are multidrug resistant (MDR), and that 9 (22%) of them are pandemic multi-drug resistant (PDR) to all of the medicines utilized.

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