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Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Applications and efficiency of dynamic navigation system in endodontics. A comprehensive review

Author(s): Suhael Ahmed*, Abdulrahman Abdullah S Alomair, Abdulaziz Mohammed Albader, Ali Mohammed Asiri, Talal Zafer M Alrasheed, Thaar Obaid M Alqahtani and Aljowhara Khaled H Al Laboon


The dynamic navigation system is a newly inducted ground-breaking technique for minimally invasive operations that was inherited from implant dentistry. DNS (Dynamic navigation system) has the potential to completely change the field of endodontics by precisely and safely performing minimally invasive operations and preventing catastrophic accidents during difficult procedures. In this comprehensive review we examine the existing literature on the use of the DNS in endodontics to direct academics and clinicians to future DNS applications. We look at the scope, diversity, and types of applications used in present practice, find gaps in the literature, and determine where future research should be directed.

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