Artificial Intelligence: A Boon to Conservative Dentistry | 92599

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Artificial Intelligence: A Boon to Conservative Dentistry

Author(s): Yadnya kawale*, MadhumitaChoudhari and Shweta K Sedani


The goal of these researches was to examine and review artificial intelligence in the field of conservative and endodontics.
Since the last two decades it has been observed that, the area of artificial aptitude has seen tremendous advancement and
growth. Artificial intelligence is becoming more prevalent in fields formerly regarded to be the domain of human specialists.
When used for medicine and dentistry, artificial intelligence has immense latent to improvise patient maintenance and
change profession. Artificial intelligence advancements enable the processing of massive amounts of data, leading in
more accurate data and better decision-making. Every day, technology advances and the newest advancements in
Artificial Intelligence have made dental operations faster and less intrusive. With the emergence of the ANN, the area of
machine learning has taken a dramatic turn in recent years. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has potential to transmute
health-care business and improve patient care. AI is being studied for a number of applications, including the detection of
normal and divergent structures, illness diagnosis, and therapy prediction.

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