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Assess the Knowledge and Practice Regarding Bio Medical Management

Author(s): M.Gayathri, S.Nirmala and AR. Bharathi*


Health and safety of the nursing staff is cardinal feature of biomedical waste management. The Medical Superintendent or head of the institute must provide training to strengthen their skills for safety. Although biomedical waste management can't be achieved without the 1 cooperation of each and every worker and patient, the nursing personnel play a significant role in this whole process. They need to be informed about current available technology to deal biomedical wastes. The sound knowledge and safe practices among all health care staff need to be strengthened. Biomedical waste management is an important issue of concern to all healthcare personnel as inappropriate management has the potential for serious infections and noninfectious injury to patients and care providers. Inadequate management of biomedical waste can be associated with risks to healthcare workers, patients, communities and their environment. The aims and objectives of the study were to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of health care.

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