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Assessment of Airway Passage in Patients with Cleft, Lip and Palate and its Comparison to Children without Oral Clefts: A Review

Author(s): Hussain Ali John* and Aarti Panchbhai


Background: Cleft, lip and palate is one of the more severe diseases of the oral cavity and other oronasal structures. A lot of craniofacial and crainiomorphological deviations have been observed in children diagnosed cleft-lip and palate. With the help of cephalometry, it is possible to evaluate these deviations and research better modalities to diagnose, treat and further knowledge about the condition. This review aims to study, evaluate and summaries the deviations found with the help of cephalometric analysis between patients suffering from cleft-lip and palate and non-cleft category. Material and methods: An electronic database search was done on search engines PubMed and Medline and 10 articles were selected and reviewed.

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