Assessment of Bone Mineral Density in old age patients ( >60yrs) having proximal femur fracture | Abstract

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Assessment of Bone Mineral Density in old age patients ( >60yrs) having proximal femur fracture

Author(s): Viral Prajapati, Pratik Prajapati, Prashant Patel, Ketan Kakani, Sandep Patil


Background: Osteoporosis, the silent disease with no symptoms until the first fracture, is a major health problem worldwide. To reduce the number and impact of hip fracture-fragility fracture, early detection and treatment of osteoporosis is needed.
Objectives: Evaluate BMD (bone mineral density) with DXA (Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) scan in geriatric patients age>60 years having proximal femur fracture and compare them with similar group of patients without any fragility fractures.
Material and Methods: The study was prospective study conducted on patients age of >60 years. Study Population
ï??· Group A: 50 Patients having proximal femur fracture admitted and operated in our hospital.
ï??· Group B: 50 age and sex adjusted persons having no fragility fracture. All were assessed for BMD at hip with DXA scanner. Data collected and both groups were compared statistically.
Results: 60-65years is the most frequent affected age group. Significant low level of BMD or T-score as per WHO classification at hip scanned with DXA scan in group A patients than group B.
Conclusion: In India patients having hip fracture is 10 years earlier than western population. Patients with low BMD at hip are more likely to develop proximal hip fracture. BMD may serve as a guidance to initiate early assessment of BMD as preventive measure of osteoporosis and fractures among ageing men population.

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