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Assessment of collocation coverage of AYUSH doctors under National Rural Health Mission in Udaipur Division

Author(s): Kumar Arun, Keerti, Sharma C P, Choudhary Mahesh, Sharma Sandeep, Goyal Bharat Kumar


Background: The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), announced in 2005 and implemented on the ground in 2006, has formulated ‘revitalizing local health traditions and mainstreaming AYUSH’ as one of its strategies to strengthen the public health services.

Objective: Purpose is to assess the overall collocation coverage of AYUSH, Training of AYUSH doctors and the available facilities for AYUSH doctors and find the gaps in these facilities.

Material and Methods: This study was a cross sectional study. Three districts (50% of total) were randomly selected from Udaipur division which comprises of six districts. All Primary health centers/Community health centers/District hospitals with collocation of AYUSH doctors in randomly selected three districts were included in the study for assessment of collocation coverage and facilities available for AYUSH.

Results: Mean age of the AYUSH doctors found to be 35±3.2 years. Overall collocation coverage percentage was found to be 35.5%, most of the collocation was at PHC level (41.5%) followed by DH (33.3%) followed by collocation at CHC level (13.1%). Majority 58 (86.5%) of AYUSH doctors were found to be trained on SBA (Skill Birth Attendant). Majority 46 (68.7%) of collocated facilities were lacking the board of AYUSH chikitsa Kendra. There is severe dearth of residential accommodation for AYUSH doctors.


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