Assessment of morbidly and health issues in underprivileged, penurious communities residing in a slum of Udaipur (Rajasthan) | Abstract

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Assessment of morbidly and health issues in underprivileged, penurious communities residing in a slum of Udaipur (Rajasthan)

Author(s): Sharma Shivprakash, Kumar Arun, Sharma C P, Choudhary Mahesh


Background: A slum defined as residential areas where dwellings are unfit for human habitation by reasons of dilapidation, overcrowding and penurious life with lack of sanitation, safety and health measures. According to Indian census slum population in India in 1981 is 27.9 million, in 2001 it increased up to 61.8 million and accordingly 137 lakh households in 2011.

Aims: To study morbidity profile and magnitude of health problem in urban slum dwellers.

Material & Methods: Cross sectional study had been carried out between august to October 2013 on purposively selected slum dwellers of Udaipur. Information was obtained by interviewing the head and/or other family members of about 240 households. General physical examinations and history of illness present at time or in previous two weeks were recorded.

Results: About 31.2% males and 34.6% females were either suffering from or have a history of one or more illness within previous two weeks. The morbidity rate for both sexes was 33.0%. Anaemia was found in 11.2% of females. Respiratory tract infections and diarrhea were present in8.8% and 2.1% of studied population respectively. Among five years above age slum dwellers, 18.9%, 38.3% and 31.2% had a habit of smoking, tobacco chewing and alcohol intake respectively. Out of 188 eligible couples, 18.6% and 13.2% were adopted temporary and permanent sterilization methods for contraception respectively.

Conclusions: Slum dwellers were unaware of the pertinent health issues and effective information, education, communication activities along with effective health care delivery measures needed.

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